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Find Your Voice And Use It!

I was only 7 years old when I knew that singing and music was going to be a big part of my life. I loved listening to almost any kind of style or genre but I was particularly drawn to singing soul music. I had spent much of my life listening to artists likeΒ Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra or Norah Jones. One of the things I absolutely love about soul music is that almost every single word or note is sung loaded with emotion. Early on in life, I started imitating many of  ...

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Yes, Girl! You Can!

The day hasn’t even really begun but I was already spiraling down the road to a very bad attitude. I could feel myself loosing control over my emotions. I was getting angrier and more frustrated by the minute. I was snappy with my children and impatient and theΒ more I wanted to gain control the more ashamed I felt of my own behavior and the cycle went on and on. IfΒ this would’ve happened a few years ago I would’ve let my bad attitude ruin my whole day and probably the day  ...

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